Tuesday, September 13, 2011

15 Weeks, 6 days…

Otherwise known as 16 weeks tomorrow! Incredible.
Things are going pretty well… nausea is finally starting to subside a tiny bit. I’m still on the Zofran but hoping for not much longer. I’ve started having some back pain (in the middle of my back) which the doctor says is normal since I’m growing so quickly with the twins but I honestly didn’t expect it so early.
We had our NT scan at 13 weeks. It was AMAZING. The babies were moving around like crazy and looked so cute! They even took an educated guess at Baby A’s sex (they guessed girl! We will see if that continues). We got our results the day of the ultrasound (since we had our blood work done at a previous appointment) and we couldn’t have asked for better results. Both babies have less than 1 in 10,000 risk of any of the trisomies which they said is the best possible results we could have gotten. The other exciting news is that my high risk doctor released me back to my regular OB after we got the results of our tests! I pretty much thought that with twins, you needed to see a high risk doctor the entire time but he said my pregnancy was no more high risk than a singleton and that the babies were looking absolutely perfect. :) Such a relief.
Here are some pics of the babies from the scan:
Baby A

Baby B
At my 14 week appointment, my regular OB listened to the heartbeats with the Doppler and we scheduled the big gender reveal ultrasound – September 30th! It seems so far away but I’m SO excited to find out the sexes of our little twinsies. Even more importantly, I’m just excited for another ultrasound to confirm that we still have two healthy babies growing!

I think one of the best things I’ve done so far is to rent a fetal heart Doppler. I waited to get it until 12 weeks since I wanted to make sure that I was at a point in my pregnancy where I actually could pick up the heartbeats. I have not had a problem finding them since day one… it has been SUCH a reassurance to me in between appointments. I told my husband that I will probably keep it until I can feel the babies moving but I may just keep it the whole pregnancy! I love it.
So that’s about it! Still here, still pregnant, and so incredibly thankful. Thinking of you guys and enjoying following along with your updates!