Friday, October 29, 2010

Clomid? Is that you?

Tonight will be the 5th and LAST night of taking my Clomid. And as far as those common side effects my nurse warned me about…. Mood swings? Nope, I’ve been in a great mood the past week! Hot flashes? Nada – I’m sitting here in my office at work with a blanket around me! Sore breasts? The girls feel great! (Wish the Clomid would make them a little bit bigger….but I’ll settle for one or two nice size follicles instead!).
But I have been feeling…. Really… BLAH. Like, kind of nauseous… Especially right before dinner. I will feel hungry but I will take a few bites and not want to eat anymore. It’s really getting kind of annoying because we have had some really yummy dinners this week! I take my medication with dinner each night and I really hate it. I’m not the best pill taker in the world (I have to take one at a time – I’m very dramatic about it) and I feel like I’m going to throw up after each one. Gross.
I am also EXHAUSTED. Now, I have no idea if this is Clomid’s fault or not but I have been getting at least 10 hours of sleep every night and I still feel like I’m dragging the next day.
Again, I have no idea if the tiredness and nausea have anything to do with my new friend Clomid. Maybe I’m just stressed or something. I don’t really care if I was having every side effect in the book, I would put up with them all if this medication is doing what it’s supposed to! We will find out next Wednesday (the 3rd) at my monitoring appointment... I hope they will have good news for me!
In other news… I’m going to see Saw 3D tonight with the hubby and a bunch of our friends! I’m very excited. I’m definitely not big on scary movies (I dislike most of them because they give me nightmares!) but I have watched the Saw movies from the beginning and I find the story line very interesting. I’m a little nervous about the 3D part… I don’t know if I can handle that much blood and gore flying at me… eeek.
Anyway… hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween weekend! Enjoy all of the yummy candy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

CD 3!

Yesterday, we returned home from a fun weekend in Washington DC… We met up with my Mom, stepdad, and brother and had a blast eating great food, relaxing in the hotel’s hot tub, and visiting awesome museums. But the best part about the trip? AF decided to come along too! Now normally, I would not welcome her presence during a weekend getaway with my hubby, however, this time it made me happy…. Because now I can officially start a real treatment cycle! Since she came on Saturday, I went in for my Day 3 monitoring (ultra sound and blood work) this morning. My nurse just called and said that my blood work came back normal and that I have lots of cute little follicles (she did not use the word cute... but I'm sure that they are VERY cute) and that my lining looks good…. Meaning… I start my Clomid tonight! I am a little nervous about some of those nasty side effects I’ve heard about but I’m sure it will be okay…. so bring it on Clomid... I'm eager to get to know you over the next five days....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I hate waiting!

I’m so ready for AF to get here that I don’t know what to do. I keep feeling like she is going to come any day now and I wish she’d hurry up so I can start my first (and hopefully only!) treatment cycle! I’m on CD 34 today and my cycle lasted 34 days last month so I’m hoping tomorrow is my lucky day!
I have been trying to keep myself occupied during all of this waiting… The past two Sundays I have gone to some NFL football games since my dad has Redskins season tickets… So much fun! On Sunday the 10th, Mark and I went to the Redskins vs. Packers game at Fed Ex Field. My husband is originally from Milwaukee, WI so he has always been a huge Packers fan. They ended up losing but it was still lots of fun!
This past Sunday, I went to the Redskins vs. Colts game with my Dad. Now, I of course am a Packers fan and I always cheer them on but I have a HUGE crush on Peyton Manning! I’m not a Colts fan … but I’m a BIG Peyton Manning fan!
Here’s a pic of my hubby and me at the Packers game:

Well that’s about all for now. Mark and I (and my stepson) are headed to DC this weekend with my Mom, Stepdad, and Brother so I’m really looking forward to some time away… I just hope AF will get here soon!  

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meds, Injection Class, and Dexter…

I got my meds in the mail last night! I was actually super excited. I received the Ovidrel (pre-filled syringe) and my Clomid and Prometrium. They sent them with a cold pack to keep the Ovidrel cold. I even took a picture of everything (because I’m a dork like that…I will add the pics later). I got a little nervous when I took out the syringe but after going to our Injection class this morning I am totally over it – It will be a piece of cake. Mark came with me to the class (since he will be giving me the injection) and as he was practicing with the saline-filled syringes I couldn’t help but think that he looked a little bit like Dexter…. Does anyone else watch that show? It is one of our favorites! I highly recommend it if you’ve never seen it! Anyway, Mark is not nervous at all anymore either… he says it will be easy.  

I’m still currently taking a daily dose of 1000 mg of Metformin and will up it to 1500 mg per day this Friday. I told my nurse this morning that I have never been so excited to start my period so that we can get this show on the road!