Friday, September 24, 2010

Game Plan

I am feeling pretty great right now! Mark and I went to our follow up consultation today at our fertility clinic and found out that I have Poly-cystic ovaries … yippee!
Okay… so that was totally not my reaction – but close… I am thrilled to know that we actually know what the problem is and that it is treatable. I was scared to death that the RE was going to say, “Well, I really don’t know what is wrong with you guys!”
She said that Mark’s semen analysis came back perfectly normal (upon hearing this he let out a huge sigh of relief!) and so did my HSG (which I already knew). One thing that she said that concerned me a little was that while the ultrasound showed I had poly-cystic ovaries, my blood work came back completely normal. So she said that we really don’t have an explanation to why my ovaries are poly-cystic. My periods are also very regular (I also ovulate regularly) and I have no other known symptoms. Aside from that, she was incredibly optimistic. She told me again that she was certain that I was going to get pregnant. She said that she was confident that the medication she will be prescribing will help me ovulate eggs that are of a better quality.
Now on to the game plan… since I am on Day 8 of my current cycle, she is starting me off on Metformin – which is an insulin reducing medication that is used commonly among PCOS patients. Since it will be a few weeks until my next cycle begins, I will have an opportunity to get used to the Metformin and try out different dosages if needed.
When my next cycle starts, we will be doing what they call a “timed intercourse” cycle. Essentially, I will stay on the Metformin and then begin on Clomid (50mg) on cycle days 3-7. I will also be going in regularly for ultra sound and blood work monitoring. My RE told me that they will also tell me when to use the HCG “trigger” shot (Mark will be administering this I assure you) which will be followed by lots and lots of intercourse (or “BDing” for those of you who prefer this term). She also said that I will more than likely be using Progesterone suppositories as well (… my vagina will be thrilled I’m sure).
Anyway so that’s about it! I’m feeling great that we finally have some answers to our problems and hopefully some solutions!


  1. Hi..Welcome to blogging! I found your blog via the LFCA. I will be reading and I wish you lots of luck!

  2. Hi! I clicked over from LFCA too. Good luck with this cycle!

  3. Came over from LFCA...

    I, too, can relate to the relief of having an actual diagnosis and knowing that there might be a plan to get home with a baby! I have PCOS, too (though in my informal blog research, it seems there are many flavors of PCOS, and I have the hormone wonkiness associated with it, and though I do get cysts on my ovaries, I almost never have the classic "string of pearls" polycystic ovaries...). Anyhow, I was Dx with PCOS long before we saw an RE, and I was treated with metformin during that time, and by the point that we made it to the RE, the metformin (plus diet/running) had pretty much "cured" the PCOS (in as much as there is a "cure"-- it had just become a non-issue for us reproductively). However, in our case, it turned out that we were dealing with some male factor issues, too.

    Anyway, I relate that bit only to give you the hope that metformin may help you quite a bit. It can be rough to adjust to the side effects sometimes, but if you stick with it, it could help you significantly.

  4. Sometimes as hard as it is to get a diagnosis it really does feel a bit better to at least have an explination on why we have been struggling. Here's hoping that now that you have your diagnosis you are on track to your BFP!

  5. Thank you everyone! :)

    And Kate... Great information... Thank you so much for sharing!