Friday, February 25, 2011

Going a little crazy …

Not much to report. Today is CD 26… and I am seriously going insane. I try so hard to think about other things but it’s impossible. I just want AF to get here! I’m really glad that I’m on a break this cycle. I truly needed this time to prepare financially and emotionally for IVF. But now, I’m prepared. I’m ready to GO! I really don’t think that I’ve ever been so impatient about anything in my whole life.  
I picked up my birth control pills last night and I was strangely excited. I know that starting birth control is really nothing special and that I will still have a few weeks before I start injections but it feels great to be prepared. It was seriously the highlight of my night.
I talked to my nurse and she said that after I start the BC pills (on CD 1) I will need to schedule my mock embryo transfer and we will also order my big box of fertility drugs. I’m still a little nervous about the injections but I’ve done a lot research and watched a ton of videos so I’m feeling much more prepared.
I’m SO happy it’s Friday. I should be too distracted over the weekend to think about how slow time is moving and hopefully AF will arrive by Monday!  
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I know exactly how you feel...once I knew we were getting started, I just wanted to GET STARTED. I got my Lupron yesterday from my doc, and now I keep looking at the syringes, wondering why it isn't next week already. I think part of it is just the anticipation of what it will be like, and the other part is wanting to already be done.

    I'm still waiting for the "big box" of meds to arrive, but i think it is coming next week, so yea!

  2. Know how you feel too... Never wanted my AF to come so much during this TTC journey as the start of my first IVF cycle last month :) Got the hang of injections pretty quickly & now just waiting for stimulation to start :)) Good luck with your cycle xoxo

  3. Good luck! Excited for you. Do you have some pain drugs at home? I have read a couple of blogs lately about painful mock transfers...couldn't hurt to take something before you go in if they don't offer it to you. : )