Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Quick Update

First of all…. Birth control pills are FINISHED! I took my last pill on Sunday and it felt great. It seemed like I was on them forever!
I had my Pre-IVF blood work and ultrasound yesterday and it went great. Stims start this Thursday! I’m not feeling very nervous about the injections anymore. I’m just excited to get things moving! Everyone keeps saying that this part goes by quickly… I hope that’s true for me!
My next monitoring appointment is on Sunday (the 27th) at 9:00 am at my clinic’s main office in Rockville, MD (I normally go to a satellite office that’s closer to me on weekdays). There’s a pretty big mall out there so I’m hoping to get some shopping in after my appointment! :)


  1. One step closer! Good luck on Thurs with your first stim injection!

  2. Great to finish the Pill and move onto the next step... good luck for your injections and happy shopping :) xoxo

  3. Andrea! I'm so glad you found me and commented on my blog. I see I got here just in time for some IVF excitement. You now have a new "friend" in Texas praying for you.