Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update: Mock Embryo Transfer, IVF Injection Class, and Medication

Today marks day 7 of birth control… 12 more days to go! I wish I could skip over this part and just start the injections but I’m hoping the time will go by quickly.
Mark and I spent our entire morning today in my RE’s office. First, I had my mock embryo transfer…. And it went really well! For some reason, I was really nervous about it! I hardly had any problems at all with my HSG and this was MUCH easier. I had a TINY bit of cramping when the catheter was put in but it was very mild and went away quickly. When it was over, the RE said that everything looks great and we shouldn’t have any problems! :)
After the Mock, we had our IVF injection class. There were two other couples in the class with us and it actually was fun! We had plenty of time to “play” with all of the different injections and to ask lots of questions. It looks like I will be using the Follistim pen (so cute!) and Menopur. Both seem pretty easy and I’m not too worried about them. The Ganirelix injection looks like it will be the easiest – It’s a prefilled syringe just like the Ovidrel. Obviously, the one I’m most scared of is the trigger shot with the super huge needle … but I will survive. It’s only one shot. I’m thankful that I will be doing progesterone suppositories instead of the PIO shots that I hear so many horror stories about! Overall, it was a great class. It was really nice to talk with some other couples who are going through the same thing.
A few hours ago my pharmacy called with my medication price. First, they told me the price of everything without insurance…. Almost $5000.00! After I held my breath for a while, they finally told me that the total cost to ME was going to be $496.00. I was VERY happy to hear that! My big box of meds is scheduled to be delivered on Friday. I can’t wait! :)


  1. Glad everything went well for you! Were you given the option to do suppositories instead of the PIO injections? I'm so freaked out about those injections that I think I'm getting anxiety just thinking about them! How wonderful that you have ins coverage. Our ins doesn't cover anything. So frustrating!

  2. Great that all went well... mock transfer is a good idea - they don't seem to do that at the clinic where I'm doing my cycle. Best of luck for yours and looking forward to sharing it with you xoxo

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