Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CD 12 – Follicle Report #1

I have…. (drumroll please…) ZERO dominant follicles! All are at 10 mm or less. UGH!!!!!!  By this time last month I had a 16 mm dominant follicle. When the ultrasound tech told me the news I was really upset. I could have just stayed in bed instead of getting up at 5:00 am and driving there for nothing!
So I got to work and was upset all morning. And I had an evil cup of coffee (which was delicious).
But my nurse just called… and she made me feel so much better as always! She said that even though I don’t have a dominant follicle just yet, my lining is starting to thicken up and my blood work shows that my estrogen levels are rising nicely. She said that she is not concerned at all and that everything seems to be moving in the right direction. I explained that I was worried because by this time last cycle I had a 16 mm follie but she said that cycles can vary and that I’m more than likely just going to ovulate later this cycle. She wants me to come back Friday morning to see how things are going.
So, I feel a little bit better. I always do after talking to her! I’m just going to try my best to relax and pray that I will get good results on Friday. I guess maybe things could be off too because of the chemical pregnancy that I just had? I don't know... I forgot to ask her about that. But we'll see what happens I guess...
I've also decided that I’m going to dust off my Wii balance board tonight to do some Yoga on Wii Fit Plus. We’ll see how it goes… I just hope I don’t get bored with the yoga and decide to bounce some soccer balls off of my head or do some crazy hula hooping! :) If you’ve ever played Wii Fit you know what I’m talking about! :)


  1. Ugh. Cycling can be so frustrating. I actually am not missing it all that much like I thought I would! It's frustrating to take the drugs and see nothing happening.

    I'm all for wii fit (better than nothing) but if you lived around here you could come to one of my real, live yoga classes : )

  2. Sorry to hear about those results. I think the chemical pregnancy could def be to blame. After my miscarriage and I waited the required two months the same clomid dosage never worked for me again and when we finally upped it and it worked my cycle was 35 days instead of 28 with the first pregnancy. I hope the follicle is still to come!!