Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Think My Ovaries Read My Blog…

...Because yesterday morning, I went in for my monitoring appointment fully expecting to be told that we are canceling this cycle. Instead, my right ovary surprised me by producing at 13.3 mm follicle! I was shocked because I didn’t have any follicles bigger than 9 mm on Friday morning.
Anyway… I left the appointment in a pretty good mood… but I wasn’t getting my hopes up because I needed to get the results of my blood work to make sure things were moving in the right direction.
So my nurse calls me later on and said that my estrogen went up significantly since Friday morning and things were moving along just as they should be. She also said that my doctor reviewed my results and wanted me to come in the very next morning for another blood work and ultrasound. I didn’t expect that. Normally I get at least a little break in between appointments. When I asked her why I had to come back so soon, she said that the Doctor thinks that (based on my blood work) things are going to start moving along very quickly. Even though I HATE getting up at the crack of dawn when it’s FREEZING outside and driving all of that way for a 10 minute appointment, I appreciate the fact that my doctor is monitoring me so closely. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m doing all of this for a reason and that it will all pay off someday!  
So… after a relaxing evening at Acupuncture and a good night’s sleep, I went in AGAIN bright and early this morning for another ultrasound and blood work. When I went in for my ultrasound, even the sonographer was surprised to see me back so soon. I know follicles typically grow 1-2 mm per day so I was expecting her to tell me it was 14 or (at the most) 15 today. But it’s at 16.5 mm! She said, “Wow, you really are moving right along. You’ll probably be back tomorrow and by then you’ll probably be ready to trigger.”
So I really hope that’s the case! I’m still waiting for a call from my nurse with my blood work results from this morning and I guess she will tell me if I need to come back tomorrow or not.
I’m still really surprised that we are able to move forward with this cycle. I thought for sure that I didn’t respond at all. I know it’s pretty late (I’m on CD 19 today!) but I’m praying that things continue to go well and that this follicle will release a healthy, mature, and fertilizable egg. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!
Now I feel a little bad for calling my ovaries “total jerks” on my last post.


  1. haha the title of this post made me laugh! congrats! your ovaries really came through for you!

  2. Yay! Told you it could still happen. :) That follicle is totally ready. I was that late when I conceived so GOOD LUCK!!