Monday, January 3, 2011

Clomid Cycle #2 – BFN

UGH. I took a pregnancy test on New Year’s Eve at 14 DPO…. And I got a BFN. What a perfect way to end a terrible, terrible year.  I’m still waiting for my period to arrive so that I can move on to 100 mg of Clomid. Today is CD 39…. This has been the longest cycle EVER. I’m SO ready to move on.
Also, my doctor called me over my Christmas vacation to discuss the MTHFR diagnosis. I was concerned that I should be on injectable blood thinners in addition to the baby aspirin and I was curious to know what her thoughts were. She told me that because my homocysteine levels were normal and because I do not have any additional issues (such as Factor V Leiden) she feels that additional blood thinners are definitely not needed. She offered to refer me to another doctor for a second opinion but I declined. I completely trust my doctor and her recommendations. I felt so much more comfortable after talking with her.
Other than my disappointing New Year’s Eve, my Christmas was actually pretty great. We ate a lot of great food and spent lots of time with family and friends. I made homemade Cream of Crab soup on Christmas Eve and it was AMAZING. My family is totally addicted. I also made Prime Rib for the first time on Christmas Day… I was really nervous but it turned out perfect! I was really proud of myself! :)
 Anyway… Goodbye 2010. You were a total jerk and I will not miss you one bit.
2011? Could we be best friends? Please, please be nice to me.


  1. Ugh. That's how I felt too -- 2010 had to get one more JAB in on NYE before it left for good!

  2. Andrea, you just highlighted my own fears for this week. I am 7dpo, and highly doubtful that our first round of Clomid has born fruit.

    I have also been sick with bronchitis (thanks 2010, thanks for nothing), and coughing so hard that I'm sure nothing would have a chance to implant in my terribly shaken up uterus.

    A toast to a better year ahead. May it bring us all we hope and yearn for.