Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Losing Hope (6dp5dt)

I have heard that most women reach a point in their two week waits (especially IVF tww’s) where they begin to believe that it didn’t work. I have definitely reached that point. In fact, I’m pretty positive that it didn’t work.
2 days after my transfer, I woke up with a tiny bit of cramping. It wasn’t painful and it was very mild so I was convinced it was implantation cramping. It occurred a few times over the next few days. Yesterday morning though (5dp5dt), I woke up with AF cramps…the same kind that I get every month a day or two before she arrives. So far, she’s stayed away, but I’m thinking that it’s just the progesterone that is keeping her from making her grand entrance.
I had been feeling pretty positive up until this point. But as of yesterday and today, I just have this feeling that it didn’t work. I have been pregnant twice before and both times I have felt completely different by this point.
I have not tested and I’m not planning to until Saturday which is 10dp5dt (my beta isn’t until next Tuesday – 13dp5dt).  I know that it’s still a little early but I am pretty confident that the test will be negative and (based on how I’m feeling) I feel the need to prepare myself for that result.
If my beta is negative next Tuesday, I will be making plans to do a FET right away.  I’m very thankful that we have our two frozen embryos because I honestly don’t think I’m ready to go through another fresh cycle quite yet. I’ve talked to Mark and we both are in agreement that if we do need to do the FET, we will transfer both of the frozen embryos and hope for the best.


  1. I think everything you're feeling is completely normal. We try to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. I've always said it sucks just how similar AF symptoms and PG symptoms are. I wish they were completely different from each other so we would know. But I know plenty of girls that SWORE they were having AF cramps and then ended up with their BFP. So keep your chin up, TRY to remain positive, and know that you have many of us rooting for you!!

  2. So sorry. Even if you're wrong, it's a crappy feeling. Do you read Roccie's blog? She's pregnant and she thought it had failed too : )

  3. I'm so sorry hon. I have felt this same exact way many times ... but it's interesting that I felt this way when I wasn't pregnant and even when I was pregnant. There just is no sure way to tell. I'm so glad that you have some frozen embies waiting for you, if your instinct is indeed right. Thinking of you and holding on to hope!

  4. I'm holding out hope for you because like the others I have seen so many women write exactly like you and they are now moms. I hope it worked! But I'm glad you have your plan and frozen embryos all ready, either for now or maybe much later!

  5. I hit this exact point in my IVF 2WW but was told afterwards that progesterone can really play with our emotions in the home-stretch to testing... so keep up as much hope as you can. Thinking of you and know how hard this last few days can be xoxo