Thursday, November 11, 2010


Based on when the hubby gave me the Ovidrel injection, I would have ovulated sometime very early Sunday morning… which would put me at 4 dpo today. And I am feeling…. COMPLETELY NORMAL. After the Ovidrel shot, my nipples started feeling really, really sore but I know that was from the HCG. It started to go away a few days ago but they are starting to feel pretty sore again – for which I’m blaming the prometrium suppositories (have I mentioned that they are extremely gross??). I’ve also had very mild cramping as of this morning but I’m not really considering that a symptom of anything.
I keep trying to think back to how I felt when I found out I was pregnant the first time…
It was March and I wasn’t thinking about anything during that 2ww except for our first consultation with my RE. We had sex a total of maybe 2 times that month so in my mind, pregnancy wasn’t even a possibility. After we met with the RE, I remember telling Mark that I hoped my period came soon so that I could start my Day 3 testing (I was due for AF about 4 days after our appointment).
2 days after our appointment, I noticed that my breasts were a little sore and they kept getting worse and worse until my period was finally late.
Now, I hate peeing on sticks. I HATE it. I don’t ever do it unless my period is really late because I HATE seeing only one line. But I finally gave in this time because my breasts are NEVER sore. Ever. Not even before my period is due. It was my only symptom until after I got my BFP.
Now I know all pregnancies are different … blah, blah, blah. Plus that pregnancy sadly ended in a miscarriage so I’m not sure I should be comparing any of the symptoms to any subsequent pregnancies. BUT…. if I don’t feel any different next week, then I really don’t want to test until my period is late. I hate seeing a negative HPT more than I hate the arrival of AF.
I know this sounds crazy because many people can’t wait to POAS. Why not me too? This is the first real treatment cycle we have ever done and I should be excited! But today, I’m just not feeling so optimistic about it.
I’m so sorry that this is such a “Debbie Downer” post…. This is just how I’m feeling at the moment. And it feels good to get these feelings out…. Just another reason that I’m glad I started this blog.

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  1. Oh please, this is not a "Debbie Downer" post. You should take a little vacation in my head sometimes and see how negative I can be. : ) It's nice to know we're having some of the same symptoms, regardless of what that means. Although I STILL can't convince my breasts to be sore, try as I might! : )