Monday, November 22, 2010

Praying for Good News....

So yesterday was 14 DPO. I woke up, told Mark that I was 95% sure  that I was not pregnant but that I wanted him to go get me a pregnancy test so I could make sure it was safe to stop taking my Prometrium.
So off he went. In the mean time, I stayed home and made a yummy breakfast for us of French Toast and sausage.
A little while later, after I had held my urine for a respectable amount of time, I announced to Mark that I was going to go take one of my two pregnancy tests that he had brought home for me. I told him that even though it would be negative, at LEAST I could take a break from the gross progesterone suppositories for a while!
Then…. I went into the bathroom and peed on the stick. And IT WAS POSITIVE. I started shaking and I yelled for Mark. He was like, “There are two lines! I thought you said it was going to be negative!” We both couldn’t believe it. I had been so sure that I was not pregnant based on how I felt. I told him that I would go to the RE’s office the next day to get a blood test.
The rest of the day, I tried not to get excited. I had absolutely NO desire to tell ANYONE but I couldn’t stop staring at the test. I kept thinking, “Could this be it?”… “PLEASE, PLEASE let this one stick!!”.
I hardly slept last night. I woke up every few hours. I finally got up at 4:30 and peed on another stick… it was positive but it was LIGHTER than yesterdays. I started feeling sick to my stomach and I’ve felt that way the rest of the morning. I have a terrible feeling that my beta is going to be horribly low.
I’m REALLY trying to think positive but I just don’t see a reason for my test this morning to be LIGHTER than yesterday’s test especially when I tested this morning with FMU.
All I can do is wait for my nurse to call me with the results. This REALLY sucks. I would have felt so much better if the test was NEGATIVE. I don’t feel like hearing my nurse say something like, “Well, you’re numbers aren’t high enough for this to be a viable pregnancy.”
Regardless of how I feel, I will be praying for good news ….

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  1. Ahhhh!!! I don't even know what to say! How exciting to get a BFP, but now you're sure in a terrifying place. I certainly hope you get good news. Keep us updated!!