Monday, November 15, 2010

Can this count as a symptom? PLEASE?

My boobs are KILLING ME. Like all day, every day to the point where I can no longer sleep on my stomach.  All I’ve been thinking about at work today is how I cannot wait to get home and take off my bra.
Unfortunately, breast “tenderness” is one of the most common side effects of prometrium. So as much as I’d like to think that it is my body’s way of saying, “You are pregnant! Congratulations!!”….it most definitely does not count as a pregnancy symptom. Otherwise, I would have already peed on a stick. It is really messing with my mind though… especially since I feel GREAT otherwise. I wish I could say that I spent my weekend puking up everything I ate, peeing every 5 minutes, and sleeping all day long... but I didn’t. I guess I’ve been a little tired lately but that’s about it.
I haven’t completely given up hope but I’m DREADING testing day. I’m thinking that I will probably test on Saturday evening or Sunday morning…. I haven’t decided yet. I will definitely be testing at some point over the weekend so that I can call my RE’s office first thing on Monday morning. If the test is positive (please, please, PLEASE!) then GREAT! Let’s schedule some blood work! If it’s negative, I will most likely be sad for a little while but I will be ready to get started with the next cycle. So we will see.
In other news, I’m meeting with an acupuncturist tonight! My dad is a marathon runner (he has a 50 miler coming up this Saturday!) and he goes regularly and LOVES it. He talked with his acupuncturist last week about my “situation” and she gave him some really interesting paperwork to give me on “Acupuncture and Infertility.” So I’m going to meet with her tonight to ask her some questions. I really do think that it is something that I would like to try for my next cycle if I get a BFN next weekend.  
That’s about it! Happy Monday!

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  1. I think it counts! I have been on the prometrium for over a week and no sore boobs here! I'm hoping this means you get a BFP : )

    I'm also really interested in acupuncture. Let us know how your consult goes!