Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Review on Acupuncture

Last night was my first acupuncture session. I made the appointment thinking, “Well, we’ll see how it goes. I’m not sure if I will continue with it or not…” Well, I loved it.
I had a crazy day at work yesterday and I was super busy. I’m prone to migraines and by the end of the day my head was pounding. I decided not to take any medication for it because I had heard that acupuncture can help relieve headache pain pretty quickly.
When I went in for my appointment, I sat down with the acupuncturist and we went over everything that had been going on with my infertility. I told her about the miscarriage in April and the chemical pregnancy that I had just had. While she was looking over my paperwork, I admired a huge bulletin board she has in her office with pictures of babies that her former patients had sent in. She explained that she had helped many women with the exact same problems as I have get pregnant and STAY pregnant.
When she was ready to begin the acupuncture she had me get up on a table and lie down on my back while she took my pulse. I expected her to put needles around my belly button but she said that she won’t do that for the first session. Instead, she put needles in my wrist area and in my feet. The only one that hurt a little was one in my little toe (ouch!). I then told her that I had a really bad headache so she put needles all over my head! I expected them to hurt a lot but I didn’t even feel them.
After she was finished putting in the needles, she told me to relax and that she would come back. I expected to fall asleep but I didn’t even though I was VERY relaxed. I didn’t feel any different except that I could feel some of the pressure in my head going away.
By the time she came back to take the needles out, my head definitely did feel better but I still had some pain. She told me to go home and relax and that it should go away on its own.
I went home and had dinner and by the time I was finished my headache was completely gone! Normally, when I get a migraine I will have to take several ibuprofen and will have to go to sleep to make it go away. I really wasn’t expecting it to work so well.
Obviously I’m not going to an acupuncturist for headaches but it was nice to be able to feel something after just one session. I have been researching acupuncture for many months and I know a few people personally who have had great success with it while going fertility treatments. I hope to have success with it too! If nothing else, it is very relaxing and I think anyone going through fertility treatments could use a little relaxation. :)

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  1. I'm glad it went well. I finally got the nerve to call here and ask, but I'm afraid it's unaffordable for us at the moment. : ( Maybe I'll look back into it at the first of the year when I'm cycling again.