Friday, November 5, 2010

Trigger Happy….

Yes, it true – My hubby gets to give me the “trigger” shot of Ovidrel tonight!  On CD 14!
Okay, so this morning, I went in bright and early and couldn’t wait to see how my cute little follie was doing. The ultrasound tech inserted the “dildo cam” and she showed it to me right away and said that she would measure it. I was praying the whole time for 20 mm. Then she said, “It’s at 18.5”. So… I asked her what that meant (the RE wasn’t there today) and she said “Well, you’ll more than likely have to come back tomorrow for monitoring because we like to see them at 20 mm, but your nurse will call you back later for more details.”
Ugh. Have I mentioned that I’m not a big fan of waiting around for information like this? Anyway… on to the good part. My nurse, Betsy (I love, love, LOVE her) just called me! She said, “Hey Andrea! You are triggering tonight!” I was like, “I am?? Is that okay? My follicle was only at 18.5!” She said that while they like to see 20 mm or greater, anything over 18 is considered mature. She said that my lining looked absolutely perfect (12.5 mm) and that my estrogen levels were perfect too. My blood work indicated that my LH levels were starting to rise a bit on their own which is another reason we are definitely triggering tonight…. I wondered if this was a possibility because this morning I noticed some (sorry if this is TMI) EWCM for the first time in a long time... I thought about telling Betsy that but I decided to spare her the exciting details.
So…. The hubby and I will be having lots and lots of fun this weekend (just like my friend Lulu and her hubby!!)! Tonight, Saturday, and Sunday… I can’t wait. The progesterone suppositories (which I’ve heard are lots of messy fun) start Monday.
All in all… I’m happy! I just told my hubby to give his boys a good talking to and tell them to be ready to fertilize this beautiful egg!
Now I’m just going to count down the hours until I can leave work (3 more to go!) and start making a baby!!!!


  1. Hooray for trigger shots!!! I'm envious of your 12.5 lining (never thought I'd write that sentence), that's awesome.

    My hubby said he was going to make his sperm do push ups and run laps all afternoon, lol.

  2. Hope the trigger went well and that you had some fun with the baby-making this weekend!