Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy, BUSY Weekend

Let me just say that I’m glad ovulation happened over the weekend. Because I am exhausted! At first I thought, “Have sex 4 times in 3 days? No problem! We used to have sex 4 times a day when we first got together!” Well folks, that was a long time ago. But I’m not complaining … because it WAS fun… just a little tiring towards the end of the weekend. I think my legs are just glad that they haven’t been up in the air yet today!
I also started my progesterone suppositories this morning. The only thing I have to say about that is, “Thank God for panty liners.” Gross.
I must say that the Ovidrel shot was a piece of cake. Mark gave me the shot at 6:00 on Friday evening and I barely felt it. I have noticed that my nipples are very sore but I’m sure that will go away as the HCG wears off.
The other exciting thing we did this weekend (besides hopefully making a baby!) is we took our dogs to a photo shoot! A photographer that we met through a mutual friend wanted to take pictures of dogs for her website so Sophie and Josie got to be models for the day! I saw a few of the pictures and they turned out really cute… I will post some of them as soon as I get them. All of that picture taking had me daydreaming about maternity and newborn photo shoots….
Anyway…here’s to the beginning of the two week wait…. Let’s hope that it goes by quickly and ends with a BFP!

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  1. We thought the same thing. You are right...that was a LONG time ago ; )

    Can't wait to see your doggy pics!