Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Follicle Report #1

I went into my monitoring appointment today in a really good mood! Even though I was tired from getting up at 4:45 (my RE’s office is 45 minutes away and I had a 7:00 am appointment), I was excited for my ultrasound.
My favorite nurse did my blood work this morning which was great and we had on the same sweater! So now I love her even more.
After my blood work, I went in for my ultrasound with the RE that is normally there in the mornings. She told me that my lining looked great (I forgot to ask for the measurements!) and then she said that she was going to look for some follicles. She started with my right ovary and announced, “Looks like we have 10 under 10”…. I started to panic. What was wrong with my right ovary? Um, hello! I took Clomid this month! We need at least one follie over 10 mm, Righty!
Then we moved over to my left ovary. I love my left ovary. I am left handed and I have always preferred the left side of my body for that reason (just kidding!). I just knew Lefty wouldn’t let me down. Then the RE said, “The left one has 8 under 10”. WHAT?? I almost asked her if she was serious. Finally she announced, “There it is. One follicle is growing nicely. It’s 16 mm.” Immediately, I was like, “Is that normal?” She said that it was definitely normal but that we want it to get as close to 20 mm as possible before triggering. So I have another appointment on Friday morning at 7:00 (same day as your appointment Lulu!) to see if my beautiful follicle is big enough to use my Ovidrel.
So am I still in a good mood? Yes I am! I was really hoping for 2 decent size follicles but I’m very happy with what I have. Now I’m going to go pray that this little follicle continues to grow nice and big so we are ready for our Friday appointment!
PS – I think I read somewhere that eating a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel from Panera helps follicles grow bigger so that’s what I’m doing this morning! (Totally kidding.)


  1. Congrats on your beautiful 16mm follie! I think that's great! I admire your positive attitude -- I feel a lot happier today about my situation than I did yesterday. Last night I used my growing follicles for all sorts of reasons. "I can't take the dogs out, I need to sit here and grow my follicles." "I need to eat this butterfinger bar because I heard that chocolate is good for my follicles." "I told you not to tickle me! My follicles just shrank 2mm!"

    Here's to Friday!

  2. That is a good result! The goal with Clomid is to only have one follicle. My OB did monitoring on CD12-13 and I think I was also at 16 on one of those days the first time I got pregnant (then we didn't monitor after that). Good luck!!